Course curriculum

  1. Introduction To Peaceful Potty Training, Me & The Course

  2. Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Start So You Can Potty Train Easier

  3. Everything You Need To Prepare - Yourself, Your Space, Your Toddler

  4. Determining Readiness + Mentally Preparing Your Toddler To Begin (What If They Aren't Interested Though?!)

  5. Wording To Use Before You Begin, Potty Cues To Look For When You Start, Days 1-2 Potty Training Plan

  6. I Want You To Remember This As You Go + What To Expect + Handling Roadblocks (Poop Problems, Constipation, Refusing, Uninterested, Afraid) + Intro To Days 3-5 Plan

About this course

  • $69.99
  • 49 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

EVERYTHING you need to know to have a calmer, less stressful potty training experience, from start to finish.

Step-by-step guidance: on developmentally-aware toddler potty habit building techniques, how to set up your space to work for you, mentally preparing and nurturing your toddler, co-regulation training to handle big feelings, scripts, potty charts AND potty routine printable, night time & more!

This course can help you if you....

  • are not sure how to help your toddler ‘learn the potty’

  • are currently struggling with big overwhelming feelings and can’t imagine trying to also start potty training

  • have a toddler who isn’t interested in the potty but you believe they are capable of potty training

  • struggle with power struggles

  • get quickly overwhelmed by your toddler’s behavior

  • have a toddler who seems scared of the potty or pooping

  • want a clear plan and nurturing support to get through this milestone

About This Course

  • What's Included

    The course is broken down into 41 supportive and informative lessons, 3.5 hours of no-fluff training videos that makes the entire potty training process from start to finish (day AND night training), clear and easy to digest. Not a 3 day quick fix, but a real, simple, supportive plan that covers all the scenarios and shows you what to prepare, what to say, what steps to take and exactly how to handle inevitable challenges, with less power struggles, less tears and less stress for all. Yes! This is going to change that scary potty training narrative we keep hearing about, completely ;) Each parent who enrolls in the course will also receive my step-by-step Peaceful Potty Training In 10 Days eBook, Toddler Potty eBook, 4 Potty Chart Printables, 1 Bathroom Activity, A Potty Affirmations Printable & A Potty Certificate, all as bonuses!

  • The Expertise

    100% of the time, the 3 day method has NOT worked for families I’ve worked with who describe their toddler as ‘strong-willed’, uninterested or having lots of ‘big feelings’. This is why I created my Peaceful Potty Training Method! I can help you better prepare your unique type of toddler, get better cooperation AND more easily navigate the big feelings that might currently overwhelm you, while helping you keep your calm and sanity. This is what really sets my Peaceful Potty Training Method apart! How? I KNOW what you’re going through! I’m right there with moms just like you everyday & I’m foreverrr in the toddler phase here at my Montessori-inspired daycare + preschool. I’ve helped dozens & dozens of families deal with what you’re dealing with for more than 7 years now, both offline & online. Plus, I’ve potty trained my own two very different twin toddlers. I’ve dealt first hand with all the push back, all the fears, all the withholding, all the disinterest, all the big emotions, with so many different types of toddlers, not just my own. I’ve potty trained 2 at a time, while having other babies to care for (solo), nighttime, nap time, outings - all of it! I’ve found and continue to practice, here at my own business, what works best for all. I know this is hard & I prioritize keeping it peaceful & manageable for mom, because I know you’re already feeling stretched & overwhelmed! I've poured all of my almost-decade worth of potty training experience with toddlers and working with families into this course, along with years of research, and trial and error, to bring you a real, low stress plan for real, stressful life!

  • What You Need

    This course provides all the information you need to know to get started with potty training, a clear plan for your type of toddler & equip you to handle common & inevitable challenges like withholding, poop fears, refusal to sit & continued accident. We will also cover nighttime, outings and if your toddler goes to daycare. Each parent who enrolls in the course will also receive my step-by-step Peaceful Potty Training In 10 Days eBook, Toddler Potty eBook, 4 Potty Chart Printables, 1 Bathroom Activity, A Potty Affirmations Printable & A Potty Certificate, all as bonuses!

  • Get Started

    So, whether you are just about to get started and want a plan that suits your toddler or if you are currently stuck, maybe having tried the 3 day method and are still seeing accidents, refusal to sit, poop fears and hearing ‘no’s!’, this course is for you. I’ve poured all my expertise into it and am so excited for you to learn how you too, can tackle potty training with more ease, more strategy, less quick fixes and make it to the end goal with more sanity!

  • What Makes It Different

    I focus on the ‘strong-willed’ toddler, the toddler who seems afraid (of the potty & pooping) and the uninterested toddler. All the ones who the 3 day method doesn’t work for. We take your toddler’s current behaviors and actually use them to our advantage! Whether your toddler is just about to turn 2 or is 3.5, Peaceful Potty Training can make helping your toddler use the potty regularly, SO much easier!

Learn how to potty train easier today!

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